Most part of the activities of T.E.E.S. srl has been devoted in satisfying Synchrotron Radiation facility’s needs.
Major capabilities can be distinctly identified:
  • Design and realization of complete, as well as parts of, synchrotron radiation beamlines, monochromators included;
  • Design and realization of front ends, rings vacuum chambers and insertion device supports;
  • Design and realization of experimental UHV vacuum chambers, UHV sample manipulators, UHV electron analysers, UHV sample goniometers and generally speaking, UHV components for performing Photoemission, Scattering and Absorption experiments as well as MBE, Electron Beam, PE-CVD and Laser Ablation growing techniques.
T.E.E.S. srl owns the know how and more than 25 years of experience in the realization of the high precision mechanics for UHV.
The design, manufacturing and tests of high precision mechanical motion systems, that can be mounted inside or outside the vacuum chambers, is the core business of T.E.E.S. srl.
These motion systems can be manually or motor driven with integrated computer controls.
Because of the high energy, the elements are often cooled using water or liquid nydrogen circuits which must preserve both UHV environment and elements’ motion possibilities.

Samples of past T.E.E.S. srl beamline realizations:

  • Beamlines
  • Experimental UHV vacuum chambers
  • Delay line
  • Monochromator
  • UHV mechanics
  • Entrance and exit slits
  • Front End
  • Insertion device

T.E.E.S. Srl

T.E.E.S. srl designs and manufactures custom mechanical equipment for Scientific Research Laboratories.


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